Sanchin Jars

Sanchin Jars (nigiri-game)

Unlike standard Okinawan sanchin jars that are made of red clay and can easily shatter if
dropped, ours are made from a mixture of polyresin and granite dust.  We wouldn’t call them
unbreakable, but they are very shatter resistant.  We have dropped them from 4 feet high onto
a concrete floor with no visible damage.  Color variation in our jars is standard because each
jar is individually hand rotocast from a separate batch of resin.  Once the casting has begun we
can’t stop it to check the color until the process is complete.  We match the jars as close as
possible and can email pictures of your set(s) prior to shipment if desired.   

Our jars are available in a granite color, or painted black with the 3 kingdom symbol painted red
for an additional fee.

Benefits of training with Sanchin Jars:

  * Improves grip and finger strength
  * Improves core stability
  * Helps the practitioner develop a strong rooting into the ground
  * Strengthens shoulder and forearm muscles
  * Helps with the even distribution of weight during stepping movements
  * Assists with learning correct body alignment


The nigiri game or sanchin jars are gripping jars that vary in size and design. They are normally
filled with sand or gravel to alter the weight as preferred. The jars are to be gripped with the
tips of the fingers and then the inside of the second joint of the thumb. It may be gripped by all
of the fingers if necessary and by the lips themselves, then performing stepping techniques
similar to those in the Sanchin kata. The jars may also be lifted from knee level to shoulder
level while keeping the arms straight, which stresses the shoulders and upper back, as well as
the wrists and fingers.

Nigiri Game (Gripping Jars) were simply jars used for foodstuff; they were readily available
items that could be used for strength training. They would be filled gradually with sand, stones
or water. Since all the components were free and readily available, it made a great training tool.
Unfortunately, the jars can no longer easily be found.  

Nigiri-game are widely used in Goju-ryu, Uechi-ryu, Shohei-ryu and some Shorin-ryu dojos to
develop gripping strength in the hands. This strength is very useful when performing grappling
motions or in simply grabbing any portion of the human anatomy. This type of training also
strengthens the muscles in and around the shoulders, especially the trapezius as well as
working the lower body and helping to improve posture.   

Our jars resemble sanchin jars seen in Okinawa.  The mouth of the jar is 4 inches across; it fits
a standard person’s hand.  The jars are 14" tall and 8" wide at the widest point.  They weigh
approximately 6 lbs per jar.  Additional weight is possible by adding pebbles, stones, sand etc.
equally to each jar.  


To order a set of Sanchin jars for your dojo (or yourself) please use the Paypal form below.  
Once we receive your order, we will manufacture your jars and send an additional invoice for
the actual shipping charges once we know the exact weight of your package.  

Because our jars are produced for you upon receipt of payment, please allow at least 2 weeks
for receipt of your order in the continental US.  If you need your jars quicker, please contact us

Note: We also take orders through our email address at  Please put
Sanchin Jars in the subject line.
Sanchin Jars - Sanchin Jars are currently unavailable for ordering until December 2014. 
Sanchin Jars $190 per set (plus actual shipping charges)
*Discounted bulk orders available with advance payment, email
Sanchin Jars $190 per set (plus actual shipping charges)