Chatan Dojo Student Access

                        Student Requirements

1. Class schedules will be given to students at the beginning of
each month. Be prompt so we may start/finish on time. It is
advisable to keep your copy of the schedule, and other handouts
in a separate three ring binder.
2. Class uniform is a white karate ghi with appropriate colored
belt starting with white. Sparring equipment will consist of fist
pads, mouth guard and groin cup. Chest, arm, and shin pads may
be purchased if desired. Weapons are taught as an additional
class beginning at the yellow belt level. The weapons your student
needs may be purchased as required.
3. Students are expected to show respect and courtesy toward
each other and especially toward higher-ranking students, visitors,
and adults. Poor attitudes or behavior will result in notifying
parents, and possible expulsion from class. Disrespect and
discourteous conduct will not be tolerated.
4. Homework and house chores come first. Students who do not
strive to do well at school and home, will not do well in karate
classes. This wastes my time and yours. You must earn the right
to learn.
5. I must be made aware of any physical or medical problems or
conditions which may effect a student's participation in vigorous
physical exercise. I can make allowances for some physical
handicaps. Feel free to ask about this, or to discuss any special
needs or conditions.

                               Sensei S. Kenney

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