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1. What is the name of the style you are studying? 1. Okinawan Shohei-Ryu Karate Do.
2. What does "Shohei" mean? 2. Sho-to shine brightly,peace, fairness and equity
3.What were it's two former names? 3.Uechi-Ryu, Pan-gai-noon (Half-hard, half-soft).
4.In what year was the term "Uechi-Ryu" first used? "Shohei-Ryu" 4.Uechi-Ryu-1940; Shohei-Ryu-1995
5.Who were the first and second Grand Master's of Uechi-Ryu? 5. Kanbun Uechi; Kanei Uechi
6.Who was Kanbun's teacher in China 6.A Buddhist priest named Shushiwa
7.How long was Kanbun Uechi in China? 7.13 years
8.Where did Kanbun Uechi study in China? 8.Fukien province in Southern China
9.Who created Sanchin kata? 9.Bodhi Dharma (an Indian priest-the first Zen patriarch)
10.What is his Japanese name? 10.Daruma
11.What is the name of our association (the governing body of Shohei-Ryu)? 11.The Okikukai(abbreviation of Okinawa Karatedo Association)
12.Who is the President of the Okikukai 12.Toshio Higa, Hanshi Jyudan (10th)
13.Who are Sensei Kenney's American teachers? 13.Senseis Bob and Lisken Dus.
14.Who was Sensei Kenney's sensei in Okinawa? What are their ranks? 14.Sensei Shigeru Takamiyagi, Hanchi Jyudan (10th), Sensei Toshio Higa, Hanchi Jyudan (10th)
15.Where is Sensei Shigeru Takamiyagi's dojo located? 15.Chatan-Cho Okinawa
16.On the movements of what three animals is Shohei-Ryu based? 16.Tiger, Dragon, Crane
17.What are the four main techniques used in Shohei-Ryu? 17.Shoken (single knuckle punch), Wauke (circle block), Nukite (Spearhand), and Sokusen (toe kick)
18.What are the three main original katas? 18.Sanchin, Seisan, Sanseiryu

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