1. What three elements are students judged on in rank testing? 1. Form, strength and spirit
2. What is the meditation performed at the end of each class called and what is it's purpose?? 2. Mokuso -it is performed to relax and clear the mind
3.What rank is reserved for Black Belts that are less than 15 years of age? 3.Jun Shodan
4.How do you say "excuse me" in Nihongo? 4.Sumi masen
5.How do you say "please" as a general answer (i.e. "Be my guest") in Nihongo? 5. Dozo
6.What are the five black belt ranks (from first to fifth degree) in Nihongo? 6.Shodan, Nidan, Sandan, Yondan, and Godan
7.What are the Japanese words for punch, kick, and strike? 7.Tsuki, geri, and uchi
8.What are the two former names of the style you are studying? 8.Uechi-Ryu and Paingainoon
9.What does Pan-gai-noon mean? 9.Half hard, half soft
Give the years for when the terms "Uechi-Ryu" and "Shohei-Ryu" were each first used. Uechi Ryu- 1940; Shohei-Ryu- 1995

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