1. How do you count to ten in Japanese? 1. Ich, Nee, San, Chee, Go, Rook, Shich, Hach, Kyu, Jyu
2. What is considered the most important aspect of Karate training? 2. Sanchin Kata
3.What does "Sanchin" mean? 3.Three Battles/Conflicts
4.What is the name of the style of karate you are studying? 4.Shohei-Ryu Karate Do
5.On the movements of what three animals is Shohei-Ryu karate based? 5. Tiger, Dragon, Crane
6.What does the word "Karate" mean? 6.Empty Hand (self-defense without weapons)
7.What should teachers in the dojo be called? 7.Sensei
8.What is the uniform and belt called in Japanese? 8.Ghi (Uniform) and Obi (Belt)
9.What are the key words in the Dojo Code and their meaning? 9. Respect-Treating the dojo and everyone in it with sincere courtesy.
Self-Defense- Demonstrating self-control to use martial skills learned for defense ONLY.
Gambarimas- Putting forth a best effort in every class
Honor- Developing a sense for right and wrong and choosing what is right

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