1. What are the ten Kyu ranks (from tenth to first level) in Japanese? 1. Jyukyu, Kyukyu, Hachikyu, Nanakyu, Rokkyu, Gokyu, Yonkyu, Sankyu, Nikyu, Ikkyu
2. What does "Go kura sama" mean? 2. Thank you for working hard.
3.What does "Domo arigato gozai mashda" mean? 3.Thank you very much
4.What is your present rank? 4.Nanakyu (Changes with rank, see test sheets)
5.What rank are you testing for? 5. Rokkyu (Changes with rank)
6.How do you say "right foor forward" in Nihongo (Japanese)? 6.Migi ashi mae
7.How do you say "left foot forward in Nihongo? 7.Hidari ashi mae
8.What is the name of the association which governs Shohei-Ryu Karatedo around the world? 8.The Okinawa Karate-Do Association or OkiKuKai
9.What are the five goals of Sanchin development? 9.To build a strong BODY, to consolidate the primary STANCE, to master the proper BREATHING method, to develop penetrating EYES and acute insight, and to foster intense and spiritual CONCENTRATION

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